Steps to the extraction of maize starch

The maize starch refers to the grain which is derived from the maize. The maize starch is also known as corn starch. The starch is known to be extracted from the kernel of the corn. This food ingredient is used for the thickening of the food items in the food industries.

In the earlier days, the uses of maize starch were concentrated to the laundry uses and in the industries at times. But with the discovery of its amazing properties, the starch has become an integral part of the food industry. On mixing withy liquids of low temperature, the starch forms a softer paste. While the wheat flour forms an opaque paste, the maize starch forms a transparent paste. This contributes to be the reason owing to which the starch is preferred on a large scale to the wheat starch. The maize or the corn starch is also used on a large scale for the gelatinization of the food products. The starch is also used for the manufacture of powder for the kids and the children. The maize starch is also used for the manufacturing of bio plastics which are known to be an indispensable part of all industries. In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the maize starch is used for the preparation of anti stick agents. The starch is also used for the anti caking agent in the powdered sugar.

Here is a short brief from the manufacturers of maize starch about the extraction processes of maize starch:


The process of extraction of maize starch includes the stepping, coarse grinding, determination, fine grinding, gluten separation, starch refining, dehydradration, drying etc. Stepping contributes to being an essential process for the production of high quality starch. The kernels of the maize starch are being dipped into the water. The optimum temperature required for the stepping process is 50 C and the time required for the accomplishment of the stepping process widely ranges from 4-5 hours. The ph level of the solution should be 4, which can be attained by the mixing of sulphuric acid. Water can be best absorbed within the kernel of the grain with the steeping of water. The stepping of water is known to be responsible for the moistening of kernels and releasing the soluble at the same time. The stepping also helps in the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria which is used for preventing the growth of the microorganisms in the food. Since the water content rises by an amount of 15 to 45%, the size of the kernels is also enhanced with the aid of the maize starch.

The stepping process imparts in making the maize kernels much softer which can be removed with ease. Along with the removal of the skin, the germ is procured from the maize kernel. This process came to be known as the germination process. The fine grinding process is followed by the pre germination process by which the disruption of the endosperm can be accomplished. Next the gluten separation process is accomplished by which you can remove the gluten content of the starch. The starch is then refined which is followed by the dehydration and the drying process.