Starch for food


Angelstarch is one of the leading brand names for Starch for food in India. The brand quality of angelstarch products value customer satisfaction at the most. This qualified them to be the best in the market.

The native starch is known to be an integral part of all industries. The starch is known to be extracted from the roots of Tapioca plants. The starch is incapable of growing in the dry weather conditions. Thus this starch is grown well in the regions where the other crops cannot grow in a perfect manner. The native starch is essentially granules that are being isolated from the sources of plants without changing the chemical properties of the starch. The native starch is insoluble in the water and can swell to various sizes in accordance with the variation of temperature. The starch is also known for its high water retaining capacity. The starch stands out of ordinary as the gelling and thickening agent. Owing to its anti staling properties, the starch is known to be an essential component of food industries.

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