Modified Starch Manufacturers for Textiles


Angelstarch has established itself into a well renowned industry for various foods, textiles manufacturing and exporting. The brand quality of angelstarch products value customer satisfaction at the most. This qualified them to be the best in the market. We are one among the major Modified Starch Manufacturers for Textiles across the country.

Starch production has always increased rapidly in Indian market. In these days, the modified starch is used on a large scale in the various processed food and thus it requires minimum amount of time to cook these starch. The overall quality of the beverages and the food can be exaggerated with the aid of the modified starch. The modified starch is used as a filter for increasing the volume of the food items. Thus the use of the expensive food ingredients can be lessened with the aid of the modified starch. The modified starch is also known to hold the moisture in the best ways and thus they are also widely used in the industries owing to its water retaining capacity. The starch is also known to have the best gelling properties in the cold solutions

Except for the food industry, the starch has wide usages in the manufacturing of mosquito coils. There are a number of manufacturers in the country that confer high quality of Starch for Mosquito Coils. The starch can also be used as the thickening agent in the diary products which are devoid of fat. This starch also plays a vital role in enhancing the bulkiness of food and the best part of using the starch is that the nutrition value of the starch is not lost while being used as the bulking agents.

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