Modified Starch for Textile Industry Grade


Angelstarch has established itself into a well renowned industry for various foods, textiles manufacturing and exporting. We are the leading manufacturers of Modified Starch for Textile Industry Grade.

Modified starch is formed by the breakdown of starch molecules with the aid of organic starch. The starch is also known to have wide usages in laundry, textile, and paper applications. Some of the paper making applications in which the starch have higher applications include the resizing, film forming, coating, retention etc. The strength of the paper can be thus increased to a considerable extent with the help of the starch. A wide variety of paper applications can be formulated with the help of the industrial starch. In the textile industry, the starch is being used in the granular and fiber applications. The drilling and mining applications can be executed in the best manner with the help of this industrial starch. The starch is used as the anti freezing agents. The starch is used for the synthesizing of various products as well. The industrial starch is used for the manufacture of wide range of products such as natural oil, emulsifiers, etc.

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